April 25, 2014

My part to play


When Randy first contacted me to work on the Docket 32357 short I thought it was a fluke. As a fashion designer I’m pretty confident in my skills but with costume design my skills were pretty green.

You see, it’s not just about putting my clothes on bodies. That I can do no problem. However costume design is about how the clothing works with the characters to portray the story. Without hand crafting each piece of the wardrobe it took me some time to understand and become comfortable with my part to play in the grand scheme of things. Working on the short film gave me the chance to develop my own process, in addition to, better understand the filming process.

This time when Randy and Eljon reached out to me to work on the web series I was better prepared. I knew what part I needed to play. I needed to take what Eljon envisioned, what Randy needed to see on screen, and what the actresses, Tara and Ashley, needed to portray their characters, and whip that all together with my fashion knowledge and skill. It was my job to help convey everyone’s visions and needs through cloth, color, and gem. To consider the small details that will catch the viewer’s eye and help them connect with the story. It was my role to consider, not only my main characters, but the other cast members and the ability for their wardrobe to blend them seamlessly into the story. It was my role, along with everyone else on the team,is to help the viewer believe.

While you will never see me hopefully you will know that I was there. If you are able to be in the moment and believe, then I have played my part successfully.

-Sauniell Connally

Docket 32357 Wardrobe Designer