April 15, 2014

Docket Re-Visited: ADR Session

No, that doesn’t stand for Ashley Denise Robinson session.

According to the omniscient Wikipedia, ADR or additional dialogue recording or automated dialogue replacement is when an actor records additional dialogue after the original film shoot has wrapped. Well, additional or re-records dialogue that was unclear during the original recording. For example, a scene that was shot outside when it was particularly windy or loud may need to be rerecorded. In this case, Tara (Lois), Juan (Phil), and I were called in to record some lines that were a bit unclear or not loud enough in the first take. The three of us are usually one take wonders but even we needed to go back and re-do.


At this point, Tara and I have not seen any footage from the web series at all. It was a unique experience to be able to “go back” and re-record some of the lines. After we wrapped, we knew we’d have a premiere and be able to see the series online whenever we want. But to be able to go back and work on it again reminds me of how many times we’ve revisited Docket over the past two and a half years.


The first time I came across was Docket was 2011 when it was still a play (did you know Docket started out as a full length play? It did!). Eljon asked me to do a reading of the first scene for her class at Primary Stages and being a huge fan of Eljon’s work, I happily said yes. Dum de dum, did the reading, thought nothing of it, then…Eljon tells me her boyfriend, Randy Wilkins, wants to make that very scene we read into a film and I should audition. So I do. Dum de dum think nothing of it, and I get cast. Docket revisited, part one. Great. I start rehearsals with Tara and Randy and we shoot the film. It’s a great day full of red candies, long takes, walking really slowly down halls, and red candies. An amazing day! About mid-2012, the film festival acceptances start rolling in. Docket revisited part two. Some or all of us travel across the country and internationally to see Docket play on the big screen, from California to Massachusetts to the Bahamas. And then, and THEN, Eljon and Randy announce they are turning the rest of the Docket story into a web series. Docket revisted part three! We raise the money, we shoot the web series in a week, BANG, and knock it out of the park. And here we are, in a sound studio, revisiting our work and ADR’ing. Docket part four.


But it doesn’t end there. What’s Docket part five? Well, it will be when we have our premiere party and get to see all of our hard and beautiful work come to life.


It is written that Docket has many parts to it and many chances to revisit. Maybe 32357 parts? We shall see.