March 18, 2014


This is what Docket 32357 is at its core. It isn’t a prominent theme in the narrative. It isn’t an examination of a neighborhood. Community lies at the heart of Docket’s larger picture. There is no line that separates us from the audience. This is a communal affair with the web series our shared success. It is a shared success simply because we all made this project a reality. I will explain.

The Docket 32357 short film was a rousing success for us. When I say us I am referring to our Writer Eljon Wardally, Producer Jessica Karen Brown and our Talent: Tara Gadomski, Ashley Denise Robinson and Kiel Perry. This also includes our tremendous crew. We enjoyed an incredible festival run with appearances in over thirty screenings and were fortunate enough to take home several awards. In my mind though, the real success existed in the connection our audience made with the film. They were invested in Lois and Valerie. This simple moment of discovery in a courtroom hallway between two strangers engaged a vast and diverse group of people…and they wanted more.

Fortunately, Eljon had already crafted the entire story of Lois and Valerie’s journey through a full length play. From that, we were able to finish the narrative with a web series. We had the ability to deliver what the crowd wanted.

Two years later, we embarked on a crowd funding campaign through Seed and Spark.

The message was that Docket 32357 was our story together. The audience’s relationship to the series was just as important as our team’s commitment to telling it. I would like to think that beyond the incentives and personal relationships we had with our backers, they supported the campaign because they believed in the story. The launching of this web site is the next big step in delivering Lois and Valerie’s narrative.

Stay tuned.