April 10, 2014

Struck By Me

This week I got to see a few snippets of Docket 32357. Just like you, I won’t be able to

see the whole series until it premieres. But as we sat in the ADR session, re-recording

a couple of lines of audio, I intently watched the sound editor fast forward and rewind

through scenes, hoping to catch a few extra glimpses. Something struck me….

I said to Randy, “I look terrible!”

To which Randy replied, “No, but it’s good.”

Notice, he did not reply, “no, YOU LOOK good.” He said, “No, but IT’S good.”

For those of you who know Randy, this is hysterical. He is not one to give out false

compliments, but he does give praise he believes in.

So to translate…”no, but it’s good” means, “yes, you do look bad, but you should because

Lois is under a lot of stress and is emotionally drained.”

Another director might have tried to coddle this actress by insincerely saying, “no, it’s ok,

you look nice on screen.” But not Randy! And in the end, I think I prefer it this way.

Because I’d much rather have a director who works with actors to give the most honest

performances, even if that shows up in my skin and hair (which, by the way, were

done perfectly for the character by Natasha Renee, who also understood that Lois isn’t

supposed to look glamorous.)

So although Randy may have confirmed that my presence onscreen is not the most

aesthetically pleasing in some of the Docket 32357 scenes, he did give me a huge boost

by letting me know that Lois’ emotional journey was coming through me in a way that

served Eljon’s writing and the webseries as a whole.

And before anyone says it, this blog post is not a passive aggressive attempt for you all to

tell me I do look good! In fact, please, after watching the webseries, feel free to comment

on my wretchedness… I’ll love it. But in the next project, Randy, I’d like a glamour role